One Man's Empire

A suspenseful and action-packed adventure and a stirring account of one man's coming-of-age during the heyday of the British Empire.

When John Butler learns that his late father’s only bequest is a sprawling coffee plantation in distant Ceylon, he resentfully decides to travel there from his home in Manchester to sign the deeds and take possession of the estate – intending to sell it as soon as possible in order to fund his wild gambling.

But his plans are thwarted. Soon after his arrival in sweltering Ceylon, a storm ravages the estate and destroys what remains of his already blighted coffee-crop. Taunted by brutal plantation-owner William Paget, John is about to give up for good and go home when he discovers among the ruined trees a sturdy crop of tea-bushes. John rashly determines to make a go of it.

His tea estate thrives, he falls in love with a local girl and begins to feel at home in his new life. But John has reckoned without the jealousy of William Paget, and the older man will stop at nothing to see his rival’s business founder. When the bank from which John has borrowed money collapses, he is forced to gamble once more – and this time the stakes are everything he owns and loves.

Linden Grove

A gripping tale of moral dilemmas and intrigues unfolding amidst the social upheaval of the early twentieth century.

Linden Grove, 1913. An affluent suburb, where residents are respectable and respected. But behind their doors exists a clutch of dark secrets that will bring their well-ordered world crashing down.

How can the Hanging Judge bend the law to save a man accused of a vicious murder?

Why would the eminent surgeon go looking for a particularly unsavoury body-snatcher?

What makes the beautiful daughter of the Bank Director visit a vile slum after dark?

And can the other residents conceal political corruption, embezzlement, industrial sabotage and the violation of priestly vows, yet still preserve family loyalties?

Jim Dagger

A breathless story of murders – old and new – and desperate rescues in raging seas against a background of violence and treachery.

Only hard men survive along the River and Jim Dagger is the hardest of them all. He makes sure he wins every lucrative job and he crushes anyone who gets in his way.

Then Nathan Sullivan arrives.

Dagger may have met his match at last, but before there can be a final reckoning the two men have to deal with contraband runners and unscrupulous businessmen who also ply their trade along the River.

More lives may be claimed before matters are finally settled with the ruthless King of the River: Jim Dagger.